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A new clinical study from the University of Uppsala in Sweden has shown that tea does cause epigenetic changes... but only in women. 

In their study, the Uppsala team found that female tea drinkers showed changes in genes that affect cancer and estrogen metabolism. These changes were not found in male participants. This may be because the active compounds in tea only affect estrogen hormones, which is more abundant in the female body. 

Higher estrogen levels positively correlate with a higher risk of certain cancers. Increasing the body’s ability to process estrogen can significantly lower that risk.

Coffee was not observed to mediate epigenetic changes.

Full report here:





Your way is the right way

Posted by Adrian Lee on February 18, 2015 (0 Comments)

We don't subscribe to a 'right' way. your way is the best way. but here's what one lot thinks:



To Boston and Back - The Party's On.

Posted by Adrian Lee on September 04, 2014 (0 Comments)

Tea has such a lively history. Just look at 1773, when demonstrators disguised as native American Indians snuck onto a load boats in Boston Harbour and dumped 600,000 pounds of tea into the sea. As well as creating the biggest brew of all time, this impressive act defiance to British rule, and what happened directly afterwards (the British slapped the protestors hard, the protestors slapped back even harder) led the American Revolution and shaped the US as it is today. Today, by the way, The Washington Post said that America is "slowly becoming a nation of tea drinkers", with tea market quadrupling in the last 20 years. Party on dudes, as one of our favourite American's once said.


Is Tea the New Coffee?

Posted by Adrian Lee on April 02, 2014 (1 Comment)

We've always thought Stylist magazine smart, savvy and brimming with taste. Hot off the press the current issue includes a fine feature, A High Time for Tea, that says tea is 'the new coffee' and plucks our Assam out as pick of the black teas!




Keeping it in the family

Posted by Adrian Lee on December 09, 2013 (0 Comments)
We have just returned from a trip to Taiwan and China to meet some extraordinary tea folk. Getting out of the cities and into the mountains, we met numerous independent tea farmers who, many in their seventies, are continuing to grow, hand-pick and produce highest grade teas. Many of these farms are in the third generation of family farming (often more), and urns with ashes from the past populate shrines amidst the small fields. Sadly, several commented on how their children are not so interested in tea farming. "My son prefers to sleep beneath the tea trees. tea farming is too hard for him" comments one. We truly hope, in an ever industrialised industry, that the tradition of these fine independent tea farms and families continues and doff our cap to their expertise, devotion and wonderful teas.


New Friends

Posted by Adrian Lee on January 10, 2013 (0 Comments)

We love to partner with nice people and great places, and today we launch a fine tea menu with fabulous London restaurants The Folly, The Refinery, The Parlour, The Anthologist and The Drift. We've also created an exclusive English Breakfast blend available only in these fine establishments. Great to see them 'getting loose', and hope you can come and see us there soon.


We raise our cups to Movember

Posted by Adrian Lee on October 31, 2012 (0 Comments)

 As the brilliant Movember prepares to kick off tomorrow, we'd like to raise a cup to their efforts. This cup in fact...

Find out more about Movember at

We've dropped our Lapsang Souchong prices by 15% for the month to help all those dapper heroes enjoy a smoky sup.

Hope it goes well chaps. 


Tiramisu Tea UK Exclusive

Posted by Adrian Lee on February 24, 2012 (0 Comments)


We're very excited to add a new flavour black tea to the range - Tiramisu tea - a UK exclusive. It's an all natural fermented tea with caramel and cocoa truly reminiscent of the classic Italian dessert. It's the pick me up of teas! 


Tea and Film

Posted by Adrian Lee on February 13, 2012 (0 Comments)

 We got into a conversation recently about famous scenes of tea in film. Classics and contemporary, there have been loads of scenes of supping, some incidental, others integral and important to the plot. Let us know what we've missed and the best three suggestions will recieve a free packet of English Breakfast or Rooibos with Cherry!

Mary Poppins - the famous floating afternoon tea scene.

Toy Story - Hannah serves tea to Buzz

Alice In Wonderland - the Mad Hatter and his dancing teapots

Brief Encounter - the heart wrinching finale in Milton Junction station tea rooms

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - the amazing opening tea room action scene

A Beautiful Mind - John Nash discovers he is to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize over a cup of tea

Can you think of some more classic starring moments for the humble leaf?


Our first week (sort of...)

Posted by Adrian Lee on January 26, 2012 (0 Comments)


We're really delighted to be up and running online! 

It's been about a year since we decided to set up a fine tea company that would be very different to others. A bit bored by the slightly earnest, almost patronising approach we found in other places, we decided to bring high quality tea to everyone in a way that would be simple, kind on the eye, and unpretentious. 

We started with sourcing magnificent product and we're very proud of what we found.

Next came design - we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the brilliant people at

We love their work, always have. In our view they are the finest design and marketing company in the UK. We'd absolutely recommend them to anyone small, medium, gigantic.

For six months we've also been popping up at various markets. We started off on a tiny table in Tanner St SE1, where we made lots of friends and got spotted by The Evening Standard:

Since then we've also taken Sparrow to Brick Lane's Upmarket, Pimlico, via The Barbican and Real Food Markets and have been slowly spreading the word, selling our Teas. This will continue in the year ahead, although there's only two of us so it may be more of a pop-up approach! We'll keep you posted on blog, newsletter, social networks.

Thanks for reading up on our early adventures.

More news soon!