• Korakundah Frost Tea
Korakundah Frost Tea

Korakundah Frost Tea

A special and prize-winning organic black tea from the wonderful Korakundah Estate, the world's highest recorded organic tea garden (8,020 feet above MSL!) in Nilgiri/ south India. 

This rare tea is only possible because the South Indian climate and altitude allow plants to continue to grow through the winter frost (most high-grown teas such as Darjeeling fall dormant during the coldest months). 

The frost usually hits Korakundah in winter between 4.30am and 5.30am, and a special team of pickers is dispatched at 6am to gather the finest leaves and return them for withering whilst the leaf cells are still frozen.

The thawing of the frozen leaves (complete with audible cracking) helps the tea-maker achieve a hard natural wither without mechanical processing, retaining the top flavour notes often lost in conventional withering.

Smooth and bright when slurped, this tea delivers subtle yet comforting flavours - toasty, fruity and floral, with notes of tulip and mild peach. A special tea with a unique flavour profile!

Exclusive to Little Sparrow.





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