Tea in Film

Tea in Film

Posted by Adrian Lee on February 09, 2012 (0 Comments)

Tea has shared the limelight in some truly memorable moments in popular culture. Recently, we got into a conversation with friends about classic film scenes with tea and these came up. Can you think of others? A free packet of our new tea, Tiramisu, or a detoxing Peppermint herbal, to the best suggestion!

Alice & Wonderland - the Mad Hatter's tea party

Marry Poppins - tea floating in the air!

Toy Story - Hannah serves Buzz

A Beautiful Mind - John Nash discovers he is to receive the Nobel Peace Prize whilst supping 

I'm sure there's a scene in Bridge Over The River Kwai but can't find it....

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - the amazing tea house opening scene

Brief Encounter - David Lean's heart wrenching tea room final scene

Can you think of any more?