• Premium Ginseng Oolong
    Its appearance always surprises with tightly rolled leaves dusted in ginseng. This gives him a...

    Premium Ginseng Oolong


  • Robot Tea Strainer
    In the future your tea will be served by robots. For now, this will have to do. Adjusta...

    Robot Tea Strainer


  • Russian Earl Grey
    Russian Earl Grey has bergamot and orange, for a fruiter Earl Grey experience. Many of our caf...

    Russian Earl Grey


  • Sencha Midori no Kaori 5 star
    Our favourite organic premium Japanese Sencha. A top quality first flush organic green tea from U...

    Sencha Midori no Kaori 5 star


  • Sencha with Sakura Cherry
    Chinese sencha tea with sakura cherry

    Sencha with Sakura Cherry


  • Tea Bags
    Pack of 64 DIY teabags with string and tag. Pop in your own blend or choice of loose tea, and fol...

    Tea Bags