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Kukicha - Japanese 'Twig Tea'

Kukicha - Japanese 'Twig Tea'

Kukicha, also called bocha and sometimes 'twig tea', consists of the stalks of the tea leaves that are separated from the leaves during the sencha and matcha production process. Our Kukicha is made by producer Otsuka in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, five times winner best sencha in Japan!

The liquid of kukicha is much lighter than that of regular sencha or gyokuro and contains less caffeine. A refreshing tea, good to drink in the afternoon to reenergize. Mild, naturally sweet and nutty, the stalks contain a lot of amino acids, which accounts for the sweet flavour.

Water temperature: 70°C-80°C. Use 2g per cup. Infuse for 30 sec-1 min. In general, good for one infusion only.


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