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Keeping it in the family

Posted by Adrian Lee on December 09, 2013 (0 Comments)
We have just returned from a trip to Taiwan and China to meet some extraordinary tea folk. Getting out of the cities and into the mountains, we met numerous independent tea farmers who, many in their seventies, are continuing to grow, hand-pick and produce highest grade teas. Many of these farms are in the third generation of family farming (often more), and urns with ashes from the past populate shrines amidst the small fields. Sadly, several commented on how their children are not so interested in tea farming. "My son prefers to sleep beneath the tea trees. tea farming is too hard for him" comments one. We truly hope, in an ever industrialised industry, that the tradition of these fine independent tea farms and families continues and doff our cap to their expertise, devotion and wonderful teas.

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