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Tea and Film

Posted by Adrian Lee on February 13, 2012 (0 Comments)

 We got into a conversation recently about famous scenes of tea in film. Classics and contemporary, there have been loads of scenes of supping, some incidental, others integral and important to the plot. Let us know what we've missed and the best three suggestions will recieve a free packet of English Breakfast or Rooibos with Cherry!

Mary Poppins - the famous floating afternoon tea scene.

Toy Story - Hannah serves tea to Buzz

Alice In Wonderland - the Mad Hatter and his dancing teapots

Brief Encounter - the heart wrinching finale in Milton Junction station tea rooms

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - the amazing opening tea room action scene

A Beautiful Mind - John Nash discovers he is to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize over a cup of tea

Can you think of some more classic starring moments for the humble leaf?

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